The Wild Coast, also known as the rural Transkei region, runs south along the Eastern Coastline stretching from Port Edward in the North down to East London in the south.  Leading through the  heart of the Xhosa culture, there are rural villages and stunning landscapes offering a look into a culture far removed from the busy life of the ordinary South African. This is an idyllic spot for family holidays.

Most villages north of the Kei River are made up of fishermen’s cottages and the occasional backpacker accommodation. Port St. Johns and Coffee Bay are close by, making the Wild Coast Beach Cottage ideal for a family getaway. The Wild Coast is well known for hiking trails which pass through rural villages. There are also ship wrecks along the rugged coastline that will stir the imagination. A famous nearby landmark is "The Gates" at Port St. Johns. 

You can visit throughout the year, the winter months also being blessed with fine weather and warm seas. The Sardine Run attracts visitors and causes a frenzy amongst the dolphins and predatory fish as it moves slowly north up the coast. There are great lookout points for whale and dolphin watching with Southern Right and Humpback whales being seen regularly. Offering excellent fishing grounds, this area makes a firm favourite for anglers and fishermen. Other Wild Coast activities include fly fishing, mountain biking, surfing, canoeing, horse riding and bird watching.

Cows visit the beaches even though there is no grass or drinking water in order to sleep or just relax. These animals are easily approached and make great photographs. The Transkei is very unique and is loved by everyone who visits. From its people to its unforgettable beaches, waterfalls and famous landmarks, the Transkei Wild Coast offers a wealth of things to see and experience. This coupled with a great climate, hot summers and mild dry winters, makes it an ideal tourist destination. Whether you're a young adventure-seeking globetrotter, a family looking for a new and exciting holiday or a couple planning a romantic weekend, the Wild Coast Beach Cottage offers everything you need.

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